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Required Permits

Film/video permits

If you are planning to produce film or video, you may require advanced permission and permits. Most permits are issued by the province/territory, city, park or specific attraction or venue, and filming may or may not be allowed, depending on the location and time of year. 

Contact your Provincial Marketing Organization media representative to get the information you need.

Drone Permits

If you are using a drone to film, you need to get permission first to fly your drone and then make sure you are doing so safely and legally. Please review the key information below.

Driving in Canada

As long as you have a valid Canadian driver's license, you can drive a car, motorcycle or RV in Canada. Be sure to bring your license with you, along with proof of auto insurance.

Read more about getting around in Canada, plus accessibility.

Parks Canada Permits

For most small-scale filming or photography in a national park, you need only to register. Parks Canada recommends registering at least 20 business days in advance. Check the Parks Canada media website for the criteria and registration form. If your project is larger in scope, you must apply for a Parks Canada film/photo permit by emailing film.photo@pc.gc.ca or contacting the park directly.